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Aikatsu! Style SD Handkerchief is a variety of handkerchief that can be purchased from the Aikatsu Style shop. They were first released April 5th 2018.

Basic Information

  • [素材]綿100%
  • Size - 30×30cm
  • [生産国]日本
  • Price - 648円


Each handkerchief consists of an Idol pair in SD (Super Deformed) style on a background in one of their colors. The border is in the other Idols color and features hearts, stars, dot, and musical note designs with Aikatsu Friends written on the top right and bottom left corners. In the background is a large gemstone with a gold crown that has Aikatsu! Style written on it. A banner beneath the idols has their name written on it.

Karen & Mirai Ver.

A dark pink background with a gold border and designs. The music notes come in dark pink, pale pink, and lavender, and the banner is white with black writing.

Aine & Mio Ver.

A light blue background with a pink border and designs. The music notes come in pastel pink, purple, and blue, and the banner is blue with white writing.

Maika & Ema Ver.

An orange background with a purple border and designs. The music notes come in violet, goldenrod, and orange, and the banner is gold with black writing.


A pale blue background with a light blue border and detail, along with fuchsia, pale pink, and yellow music notes and stars. Her lavender striped name banner has Coco written in white. Next to her is a star with stripes of pale indigo, blue, pink, and gold that has Aikatsu! Style written in dark blue cursive.