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In celebration of a new season, ALL userboxes now have a new look!
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New Userboxes
Of course, we have new userboxes for the new characters and brand!

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Heavenly Perfume.

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What is "Aikatsu Friends!"?
Img mv
A coming of age story of hardwork and friendship, Aikatsu Friends!

Aikatsu Friends! (アイカツフレンズ!), short for Aidoru Katsudō Friends! (アイドルカツドウフレンズ! lit. "Idol Activity Friends!"), is a collectable card game by Bandai and a spin-off of Aikatsu!, another collectable card game by Bandai. An anime adaptation made by BN Pictures that began airing in April 5, 2018.

Aine Yūki who is in the normal division of Star Harmony Academy
is a girl who is good at making friends.
Aine became friends with the academy's top idol Mio Minato,
and are about to appear on a stage together!?

Awaiting for them are Maika Chōno and Ema Hinata,
idols full of personality in which Aine and Mio will encounter,
idols who are busy everyday with both idol life and school life!

The two form a pair and become "Friends",
aiming to become the top idols, the bright "Diamond Friends"!
With the radiance of their dresses, idols Karen Kamishiro and Mirai Asuka
belong to no other than the Diamond Class!

Along with all the drama gathered together!
Dressing up the Aikatsu Cards!

The fans are friends, the cards are friends too!
Lots of friends, lots of dreams!

"Aikatsu Friends!" is about to begin!

Top aikatsu-friends 2

Season two, also known as Aikatsu Friends! Brilliant Jewel (アイカツフレンズ!〜かがやきのジュエル〜) was announced for both the anime and the Data Carddass game. The second season of the anime began airing on April 4, 2019.

The new series introduces the new type of coords: the Jeweling Dresses, as well as the new idols, Hibiki Tenshō and Alicia Charlotte.

Shine! Glimmer! This is my Aikatsu!

Aine and Mio who are now in high school are suddenly in the presence of Hibiki Tenjō—the Aikatsu! artist who has been doing "Space Aikatsu!"—who suddenly fell from the sky.

The dress Hibiki is holding, the "Jeweling Dress" are those who can be only worn by chosen idols, in which radiates a special brilliance!
And her Friends group—in which her partner is Alicia Charlotte—are among the legends!
And in order to grant Hibiki's wish, Aine and Mio will have to draw on something called the "Friends' power"...!?

Star Harmony Academy, where Maika, Ema, Sakuya and Kaguya also are, is filled with even more lively activity.
And the dazzling Jeweling Dress will also appear! Aine and Mio's Aikatsu! The continue to their beginning☆

Having friends are great♪ Being in Friends is great♪ Let's shine more and more together!

Aikatsu Friends! Starting!

Season One Characters
Bt-aine       Bt-mio   Bt-maika      Bt-ema

Bt-karen        Bt-mirai   Bt-sakuya     Bt-kaguya


Season Two Characters
     Bt-aine S2     Bt-mio S2     Bt-hibiki S2     Bt-alicia S2

     Bt-maika S2     Bt-ema S2     Bt-sakuya S2     Bt-kaguya S2

     Bt-karen S2     Bt-mirai S2     Bt-wakaba S2 Bt-coco


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