An autograph is something an idol will give to her fans. Each idol has a unique autograph. They can often be found on official merchandise or signed live.

List of Autographs

Star Harmony Academy

Idols Autograph Summary
Aine Yūki Autograph-aine

Hiragana writing of her full name, "ゆうきあいね", with the "yu" in her surname is drawn as the a treble clef with a smiley face inside it. The "i" in her first name is drawn inside "a" acting as eyes and "ne" ends with an eighth note.

Mio Minato Autograph-mio Romaji sharp-stroke writing of "Mio", with the dot in the letter "i" is drawn as a star, with the name underlined that ends into a star.
Maika Chōno Autograph-maika Romaji cursive writing of "Maika", with the extended line from the dot of the "i" acting as the left antenna of a butterfly, and the "k" drawn in the shape of the right antenna, body and wings of a butterfly.
Ema Hinata Autograph-ema Romaji bubbly writing of "Ema", with the "e" drawn like a bear head, the ears extending into pigtails that refers to Ema's own.

Moonlit Night Academy

Idols Autograph Summary
Sakuya Shirayuri Autograph-sakuya Romaji cursive writing of "Sakuya", with the top half of the "S" drawn in the image of a waning crescent.
Kaguya Shirayuri Autograph-kaguya Hiragana writing of her first name "かぐや" in a near-horizontal manner. A waxing crescent is drawn beside the name.

Love Me Tear

Idols Autograph Summary
Karen Kamishiro Autograph-karen Kanji and katakana writing of "神城カレン" in a vertical manner, with a stroke in "shiro" extended and ending in a heart, along with the "n" drawn as angel wing.
Mirai Asuka Autograph-mirai Romaji block writing of "Mirai' in a vertical manner, with the "a" drawn as a funny face.

Baby Pirates