List of Aikatsu Friends! discography.

VTEAikatsu Friends! Music
Thank You⇄
It'll Be Alright/
Believe it
Thank You⇄It'll Be AlrightBelieve itAikatsu Friends!
First Color: PINK The Scene Above 6cmIdentityOverflowing with Love
Second Color: YELLOW Okay —period—Girls be ambitious!You × I
The Thing That's Only There/Pride The Thing That's Only TherePrideLet's Find It♪
Third Color: PURPLE GuidedCoincidence, Inevitable.Bond ~Synchro Harmony~
Fourth Color: BLUE Everyone Everyone!Have a dreamLet's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together!
Aikatsu Friends! Music!! 01 We wish you a merry Christmas BEST FRIENDS! Ver.Let's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together!
I'm Not Alone!/Be star I'm Not Alone!Be star
Untitled TBA
Drama CD Believe it • TBA
Others The World is SpinningOpen Your HeartAs It IsStrongly, Gently, Beautifully

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