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Chiharu Hachiya
Kanji 蜂谷千春
Romaji Hachiya Chiharu
Gender Female
Occupation Stylist,
Top Designer
Affiliation Star Harmony Academy,
Sugar Melody
First Appearance
Anime The Invincible Love Me Tear☆
Seiyū/Singer Rina Satō

Chiharu Hachiya (蜂谷千春) is a character in the Aikatsu Friends! series. She is a stylist and a designer with her office being in Production Room No. 3 of Star Harmony Academy. Chiharu is also the top designer of Sugar Melody.



Chiharu has low drooping mauve eyes with flecks of pink, and long, soft brown hair worn in a braid over her shoulder. Her bangs are pulled back and held by a floral ornament to match the one on her braid, while she has long strands on either side of the head left loose. She wears mauve eyeglasses.


Chiharu is a very gentle and quiet person. In the past, Chiharu wasn't assertive in her designs and lacked passion, but as Aine came along, it lit a hope in her to believe in herself to bring her designs to life. While compassionate, Chiharu has also shown herself to be somewhat naive, as shown when she brought microwaveable food to the team's first camping trip.



Aine loves Chiharu's dress designs and said it made her heart pound. Aine also inspired her to officially form her brand, Sugar Melody and ends up becoming its muse.
Chiharu and Noa are close friends who worked in the same fashion company before they went their separate ways.


Hachiya (蜂谷) means a valley of bees.

Chiharu (千春) means a thousand springs.


  • It's been implied that, along with Tamaki, she's normally a big eater.
  • Chiharu is shown to have similar traits with Koharu Nanakura from the Aikatsu Stars! series.
    • They both have the word Haru () in their names.
    • They both wear glasses.
    • They both wear a flower ornament on their hair.
    • They both give out candies to brighten people's moods.
    • They both are designers and design for the protagonist's brand.
    • They both are designers for a cute brand.
    • They both needed the protagonist's help to start their brand.


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