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Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! (データカードダスアイカツフレンズ!) is an arcade collectible card game that is a part of Bandai's DATA CARDDASS series. The new series was branched off from the Data Carddass Aikatsu! and the Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! games. The franchise is aimed towards female audiences.


From your personal Aikatsu Cards to your personal Idol Activities!



The game casts the player as an aspiring idol student in Star Harmony Academy, a school dedicated to training girls into becoming idols. There, players are tasked to participate in contests called "auditions". Throughout the "Data Carddass Aikatsu!" series, the player uses four types of "Aikatsu! Cards": tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to scan it into the game machine. As an idol that appears from the anime or a self-created original character known as "My Chara", the player dresses up the character and aim to pass the audition within the game.

In "Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!", players will form "Friends" (units) to "aikatsu!". In the game, the player will select their own idol, and select the idol of their desire to form "Friends", dress up, and challenge a stage.

Beginning The Game

The game costs ¥100, with two modes to select from the Touch Panel: Single Player, or Card Purchase.

Players participate in auditions with cards. These cards contain clothes with four categories: tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories - which are given to the player's character upon scanning. How well the player dresses up their character determines how well their character will stand out and increase their performance rating.

As the series is a branch off from the Data Carddass Aikatsu! series, the system works similarly. The game has different modes for its auditions, consisting of live, fashion show, drama and dance. During the audition, you will be using three colored buttons, which are pressed corresponding to what appears on the screen, as well as using the touchpad for an improved gameplay experience during special appeals.

Friends Dress Card

The new "Friends Dress Cards" appear. The special point about these new cards is that the "friend" that you Aikatsu! together with is illustrated on the card. These dresses are separated into two rarities: Friends Rare and Best Friends Rare.

Accessory Cards with Cosmetics

The new element of the recurring Accessory cards in the franchise is that cosmetics will be illustrated along with the hair accessory. With the "makeup" process comes a special performance and a special appeal, increasing combo points.

The makeup act occurs right before the stage, adding a new element to your idol activities.

Idol Cards

In the game, you are able to choose the idol who you want to stand on stage with you. With a scan of an "Idol Card", the idol with that particular dress illustrated on it is who you will become "Friends" with to perform together.

The special point about Idol Cards is that it can come with illustrations from the anime. The anime special cards can be obtained through special store campaigns or other types of campaigns.

Aikatsu! Museum

This new mode, the Aikatsu! Museum will allow players to enjoy previous songs from the Aikatsu! series and Aikatsu Stars! series, as well as play as Aikatsu! or Aikatsu Stars! characters, and even obtain cards from the previous generations.


Promotion Cards

Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! Promotion Cards


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