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"Leave the stage to big-sis as well!"

– Ema before her performance

Ema Hinata
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Charaimg ema02.png

Kanji 日向エマ
Romaji Hinata Ema
Gender Female
Age 14-15 (S1)
16 (S2)
Birthday March 21
Occupation Student
Affiliation Star Harmony Academy
Honey Cat
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Invincible Love Me Tear☆ (cameo)
Hinata EMAgency!? (debut)
Seiyū/Singer Yui Ninomiya

Ema Hinata (日向エマ) is a main character of the Aikatsu Friends! series. She is a student of the idol division at Star Harmony Academy and is a pop-type idol whose preferred brand is Colorful Shake. Along with Maika Chōno, the two are a part of Honey Cat.



Ema has big, rounded lime eyes and knee-length blonde hair worn in tightly curled pigtails held by braided hair. Her forelocks curve inward and are layered over her bangs, partially covering her ears. Her straightened bangs are cut very short. She wears purple star dangle earrings.

As of season two, Ema now wears purple triangle dangle earrings.


Ema has a bright personality like the Sun. A cheerful and active girl, Ema is always seen smiling. Behind her talents is a very hardworking girl.


Ema is known as a double-edged sword, being not only an idol who is good at singing, but also a sporty girl who is on academy's lacrosse team.


Ema's Friends partner. Together, they are Honey Cat.
Tamaki is Mio, Aine, Maika and Ema's manager.


Hinata (日向) means a place in the sun.

Ema (エマ), typically written as "Emma" in English, is a feminine given name derived from the Germanic word ermen, meaning universal.


"Got it, leave it to big-sis!"

– Ema's catchphrase


  • She is 156cm tall.
  • Her star sign is Aries.
    • Her birthday can also be read as 3 2 1 (サニー sanī, lit. sunny), a reference to Ema's surname and affinity with the sun.
    • By crossing and Ema and Maika's birth month with each other's birth date (March×8 and August×21), based on the Japanese pronounciation of the numbers, it can be read as 3 8 (みつばち mitsubachi, lit. bee) and 8 2 1 (ハニー hanī, lit. Honey), alluding to their unit Honey Cat.
    • She shares her birthday with Falulu from the PriPara series.
  • Her favorite things are sneakers and camping.
  • She is good at reading the atmosphere.
  • Her specialty is lacrosse and she is a part of the school lacrosse team.
    • Ema's ability in lacrosse is to the point where she's a candidate to be a Japanese representative.
  • She dislikes reading books, going to libraries and hugging animals.
  • Interestingly, despite being a grade above them, Ema is addressed by Aine and Mio with the honorific "-chan" instead of the more respectful "-san" or "-senpai". This is reflective of Ema acting more as a big sister figure than a traditional senior.
  • Ema bears resemblance to Hinaki Shinjō from the original Aikatsu! series.
    • They both have yellow-blonde hair.
    • They both have lime green eyes.
    • They are both pop idols.
    • Coincidentally, both of their seiyū's first names are "Yui".
  • She is the fourth character in the entire Aikatsu! franchise who wears earrings, following Tsubasa Kisaragi, Yozora Kasumi and Rei Kizaki.


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