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Tomatoes, Bring It On☆
Episode 12
Episode 12.png
Episode Information
Kanji トマト、どーんとコイ☆
English Tomatoes, Bring It On☆
Air Date
Japanese Air Date June 21, 2018
Screenplay Konomi Shugo
Storyboard Toshiyuki Fujisawa
Episode Director Osamu Sekita
Animation Director Reiko Nozaki
Toshiyasu Yamamura
Featured Songs
Opening Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright
Ending Believe it
Insert Song The Scene Above 6cm
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The Dramatic Confession! How to Karen

Tomatoes, Bring It On☆ (トマト、どーんとコイ☆) is the twelfth episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime series. It aired on June 21st, 2018.


Mio wants to go to school with Aine everyday, but is unable to say it. At this time, a large amount of tomatoes is delivered to the Penguin Cafe. Mio, having been present, is roped into helping out with a cafe event. As the Yūki family's event comes to a close, will Mio be able to convey her feelings to Aine?


Mio feels lonely while making her way to school as she stops to observe several girls paired together. Maika and Ema join her to ask if she's okay, and she explains how she has nobody to walk with like they do. They express surprise knowing Aine isn't there with her, and Mio explains that they didn't make plans. She would like to ask her, but she can't bring herself to do it. The girls teasingly call Mio "cute" before suggesting she just ask Aine upfront considering they are Friends. Maika also suggests that Mio invite Aine to a morning lesson or something casual if she's really having that much trouble, then she and Ema take off. Mio remains in her spot to observe them.

Heading to Aine's place, Mio practices what she could say until she arrives to find several crates of tomato. She questions them after seeing Aine, who explains that there had been a misunderstanding and now they got a whole bunch of them. As her siblings observe the tomato, Aine's father gets off of the phone to sadly explain that he wasn't able to tell the seller what happened, so their mother suggests they hold an event and make several more tomato-based dishes, causing Aine's older siblings displeasure at the idea of working for a whole day. But after Aine says the tomato should be enjoyed, she asks Mio to help out and she agrees, and soon her siblings come around and agree as well.

At school, Aine and Mio discuss their plans with Tamaki and Chiharu, with Aine bringing up that this is actually a common occurrence at the shop, to hold "themed events" based around one ingredient or item. With all the tomato now would be the perfect opportunity. Tamaki sees nothing wrong with this, but when everyone notices how excited Mio looks, she remarks that she's never done something like this before, and it will help build up their Friend status. She goes on to ask Aine her request, but Aine ends up interrupting her when she gets an idea. She suggests they make a post for the event on Friendsta, that way some fans will show up too.

She ends up needing Mio's help doing this, and as this is going on, Tamaki and Chiharu quietly discuss that Mio can get so shy over things that aren't really that big of a deal to most people. She is never like this when it comes to her Idol career though, and Chiharu wonders if it plays a part in why she struggles so much. She hopes Aine will help her open up a little, and with them finished, Tamaki recommends that Aine get used to using Friendsta, since it will help her say productive as an Idol.

With that the girls get to training. They do many sit-ups, with them turning it into a small competition after Mio notices that Aine has been doing better as of late. When they stop, Mio remarks that it has been a week since Pure Palette was officially formed, so she suggests they focus on their Friends Appeal. Aine recalls what this is, and Mio brings up important an Appeal is. Aine isn't sure how they would practice such a thing though, and is surprised after she sees the large jumping pad nearby with a fabric swing hanging from the top of it. She recognizes it as the thing they saw Karen and Mirai use a while back, and Mio says this is a "Love Me Lesson", which can only be done in perfect sync. It's the most difficult Appeal to master, but if they can do it then surely they will become Diamond Friends.

Mio and Aine begin to bounce on the pad, but as soon as they land on the sheet supporting them, the girls find it hard to stay on it due to its constant movement. Aine suggests they take a few breaths to calm down, but they end up falling in the process. She then gets an idea, and suggests they take a break by coming up with a menu for the event. While Mio is confused that she would end up thinking about it so randomly but she agrees, going on to bring up her question again. But before she can, Aine assumes its related to their training and she agrees with it, saying that if they continue to train every day she is sure they will improve. Mio hesitantly agrees.

On the day of the event, the shop has gained several customers, with Aine and Mio wearing waitress outfits, gaining them recognition as Aine asks Mio if she is doing alright. She mentions that she always wanted to try to do something like this, and they share a few words. Outside is Kazune, running a stand while keeping an eye on them with a pair of binoculars, remarking that Aine looks cute in her outfit. However he is worried about her friendship with Mio- until he gets a startled customer.

Inside the shop Mio is tending to an order as Suzune compliments her memory, asking her if she's considered taking up a permanent job there. Mio is pleased hearing this, and a few customers approach to speak to the girls for a moment before they take off. As Aine brings up how good it feels being able to speak to them in person, Mio remembers when Ema told her to speak up- or else Aine wouldn't know how she felt.

Work resumes, with everyone participating and lending a hand. After they close the cafe, the girls tiredly collapse at a table, along with Aine's older siblings. Nene, Aine's mother comes by to invite Mio to spend the night due to the effort she put into helping them and with how tired everyone is, and they all sit down for dinner. Right away attention falls onto Mio as Suzune and Momone ask her why she chose Aine of all Idols. Mio admits that she felt a spark from Aine upon meeting her, suddenly getting flustered after Aine attempts to tell them about the Ferris Wheel the prior week. It's then her Kazune suddenly brings up Aine's desire to want to marry him as a child- followed by her father, mother, and Yoshitsune before she quickly stops them. Confidently, Mio then claims she did make a promise with Aine, alarming everyone until she explains before boldly telling Aine that she wants to walk with her every morning. Aine happily agrees, and Mio is glad that she was finally able to say it. Everyone approves, and they begin eating dinner.

That evening, Mio and Aine are asleep when Mio suddenly wakes up. She finds Aine is still awake and mentions how hard she is having trouble falling asleep, as she's never slept somewhere else before; her busy schedule had kept her from ever getting the chance. Aine is surprised, and Mio admits how she's never attended a lively dinner eithe since her parents are always gone due to work. After a moment, she goes on to ask Aine why she wants to make so many friends, and Aine claims that it's fun. Having friends makes everything better, like working together today at the cafe with her. Mio agrees, saying that unlike her usual work, interacting with friends and Aine's family made it exciting and new.

She admits to feeling insecure earlier, because even though they are Friends it hadn't felt real. Confident, Aine tells Mio that they could be really good friends, surprising Mio for a moment. She goes on, about to say something else when she suddenly slips off the corner of the bed and falls on top of Aine. Aine responds by gently pushing Mio aside, then rolling over her and they share a laugh before going to sleep.

The following day, Mio invites Aine's entire family to her performance. They share some words with Maika and Ema as they arrive, and Aine excitedly waits for the performance. In the changing corridor, Mio changes into her chosen coord and appears on stage to perform "The Scene Above 6cm".

Afterwards she runs to the waiting room to find Aine, Maika, and Ema waiting. Mio quickly speaks to Aine as the girls bring up how happy she appeared to be in comparison to usual. Aine goes on to reveal the sandwich she prepared for her, and she tells Mio to always be honest with her. Maika and Ema are delighted for them, along with Chiharu and Tamaki, who are happy to see how closer the girls have become in this time.

On their next school day Mio runs up to Aine and approaches her. They greet each other and discuss their morning training wih delight before they break into a run for school.




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