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Episode 15
Episode 15.png
Episode Information
Kanji アイチューブ☆シンデレラ
English AiTube☆Cinderella
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 19, 2018
Screenplay Keiichirō Ōchi
Storyboard Hirokazu Hisayuki
Episode Director Moe Suzuki
Animation Director Takahiro Ōkawa
Tatsuya Akitsu
Featured Songs
Opening Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright
Ending Believe it
Insert Song Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright
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Go Go Friends! Mio, Becoming the Hero

AiTube☆Cinderella (アイチューブ☆シンデレラ) is the fifteenth episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime series. It aired on July 19th, 2018.


Four months have passed since Aine has begun her Aikatsu! However, in comparison to Mio, her reputation and skills aren't quite there yet... Under Mio's instruction, she even uploads "'tried to do' videos" onto AiTube, but the number of views don't increase much. Mio, assessing the situation, seems to have become aware of Aine's greatest talent―?


Pure Palette introduce themselves before a camera and reveal that they will be sampling the raspberry-chocolate pancake dish from a restaurant. Sitting down, Aine quickly digs in but she struggles to come up with enough of a description to entirely sell the dish. Mio is quick to save them by asking Aine to feed her a bite, then she easily manages to describe every amazing detail.

Once recording finishes the girls are approached by a woman who asks for a signature from both girls. She kindly agrees to let Aine sign as well, but the teasing nickname she uses causes her concern. She remains pouty as they walk down the path, pointing out that unlike Mio she doesn't appear to be as recognizable. It's then they approach a poster of Ema and Maika and observe it when Tamaki joins them to bring up how lately they have been releasing a series of "Yattemita" videos. She points out how their popularity as both separate Idols in such things is helping their Friends Unit popularity rise; words that seem to strike Aine. She takes them to heart and heads off, with Mio expressing confusion until Tamaki expresses her own opinion on their bond.

The following day Aine approaches her classmates, who are observing an Idol Ranking chart. Aine is surprised that fifty people have chosen her, with one of her friends confirming that she's doing really well to have made such progress in such a small amount of time. But her glee is short lived after realizing how much higher up on the list Mio is -having made it to the top 5- and she sees that she has a lot further to go yet.

Later that day, Aine is informed that she will be performing in a grand venue. It's may be more than a starting out Idol can handle, but they believe this will help her out. It's up to her if she wants to accept the job since Mio is too busy to participate with her; but they remind her of how lucky she is to have gotten such an opportunity and points out that it is only because someone else canceled. Aine isn't left feeling too convinced, and when Mio points out that it was around this same time last year that she performed there, and even though she had the same amount of experience as Aine, she filled every single seat. Due to this her ranking grew further ahead of the girls in her year, and she became a Top Idol in no time. Knowing this, Aine really wants to prove that she doesn't need to leech off of Mio for success. She wants to be Friend worthy of standing by Mio's side. With that she accepts the offer, even after Tamaki warns her that Mio will suffer as well if she fails.

Once the girls go, Tamaki sits down for tea with Chiharu and Ken, who apologize for leaving her to act tough around the girls when the time calls for it. She claims not to mind, as it's up to her to help inspire the girls and make them grow as their Manager. They realize that the gap between Mio and Aine will continue to grow unless she does something about it soon, because Friends are only able to remain as a unit as long as both partner is capable of carrying her weight. Many Friends have fallen apart because of such things, something she's had to witness. She recalls her discussion with Mio earlier, when she asked if she and Aine could remain Friends and brought up the venue. She explained her idea, and Mio agreed, voting full confidence in her. Tamaki explains that like Mio, she wants to believe in Aine entirely.

Meanwhile, Mio offers to lend Aine a help in advertising for herself, but she rejects the offer. As appreciative as she is, she has to do this on her own. Proud of this answer, Mio decides to leave her with a tip on how she managed to succeed; she gathered attention and fans using AiTube. She shows Aine one of her first videos she posted, and explains that because newer Idols don't get as many opportunities as more experienced Idols, posting on AiTube can become valuable for them because they are given the freedom to post whatever they want. She made use of her fashion knowledge to launch a "dress up" series and gained a following from girls around their age. They rushed to fill the seats after that. Encouraged by this, Aine promises to release videos and rushes straight home to get to work.

At home Aine sits down to "try" her favorite meal by seeing how many bowls of rice she could seat with salt-grilled saury; which gives her 523 views, 5 thumbs-up, and 1 thumbs-down. She then imitates her little brothers dancing which does a bit better with 882 views and 10 thumbs up, with only 2 thumbs down, followed by a breath-holding contest with Penne; 1,027 views, 21 thumbs up and 15 down. Disappointed with her results Aine chats with her sisters, Suzune and Momone. They point out that what Aine is doing is fine and dandy- but it can't compete with the outrageous stuff other AiTuber's are doing, like filling a bathtub with pudding. Aine asks if she could make a two meter tall sandwich tower, but Suzune shoots down the idea for being wasteful.

As this is going on, Mio is shown to express concern as she observes Aine's channel.

That evening, Aine lays in bed and thinks about how little time she has left before her event. She only has a week to go and she's made no progress; as this rate she won't be capable of staying Mio's Friend.

The next day Aine makes her way through town while trying to think of an amazing idea to turn things around. However, she gets distracted seeing how upset Iroha and Himari look and asks them if something happened. As it turns out they invited local senior citizens and children to watch a play at the school gymnasium, but they accidentally gave the troupe performing the play the wrong date and they won't be able to make it in time, so they have to cancel. They bring up that it was going to be "Cinderella", and Aine instantly posts asking for people to lend them a hand. She asks for a dress that would fit Cinderella and posts a picture, and a moment later Chiharu replies. They have costumes left over in the production room from previous plays, so they might have a dress like that one. After Aine quickly replies to her, she offers to ask some of her fellow Idol classmates who have some acting experience to help out too. Initially the girls express concern, but she refuses not to help them, saying that she could never let a friend suffer.

A bit later, the girls are delighted when a group of towns people show up to help out. They thank them and hurriedly everyone gets to work on the design when a group of Idol classmates show up. Aine thanks them for coming -even though it is the weekend- but they explain that because she's helped them so much, they couldn't let her down. They are joined by Ken and Chiharu, who offer to do their makeup and provide wardrobe. A teary-eyed Aine thanks everyone and they resume work until eventually the day of the performance arrives. As the play goes on, Mio is shown recording the performance among the crowd of amazed senior citizens and children.

Once the play ends, she meets with Aine outside and surprises her by revealing that not only did she see the show; but she recorded it. She suggests they upload it onto AiTube.

The video quickly becomes a hit, and word begins to spread around town about Aine's upcoming performance.

On the day of the performance, a pleased Tamaki compliments Aine's effort. She thanks her and prepares her cards, heading to the changing area. She then appears on stage to perform "Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright".

After the performance, Aine eagerly rushes outside to proclaim how much fun she had. Not only did she put on a great performance, but she also made many new friends in the audience. She is joined by Mio, but although she is happy to see her, she mentions that she feels her success was only because of everyone else again. Mio cuts her off by pointing out that the Cinderella play may have only been a stroke of luck, but she was helped by everyone because of her talent to involve others and draw out what makes them special; her special ability that nobody else has: Frienergy.

Suddenly, the other girls from their class join them to reveal they attended Aine's performance. They were also planning on throwing her a party to celebrate her progress. They also invite Mio, and they admit that for a long time they really wanted to get to know her but struggled, thinking it would be difficult. But when they see her interact with Aine, she makes it seem so easy. Mio agrees by saying she feels the same way, and Aine happily pulls her over to them. She suggests they all talk together a lot more often, and Mio agrees, much to their joy.

That evening a lone girl sits outside and observes the evening sky. She compares ones personality to the dark side of the moon and how they are well-hidden.



  • "Tried to do", usually referred to in Japanese as Yattemita (やってみた), are a category of videos wherein people upload videos of themselves attempting to do something (e.g. song and dance covers).
  • Despite the episode's release date being July 19, it aired on Chinese streaming sites on July 12, the week when Aikatsu Friends! was not airing.
  • The Star Harmony Academy Normal Division Summer Uniform Coord makes its debut in this episode.
  • Sakuya Shirayuri makes a cameo appearance in this episode.


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