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Mio, Becoming the Hero
Episode 16
Episode 16.png
Episode Information
Kanji みお、勇者になる
English Mio, Becoming the Hero
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 26, 2018
Screenplay Yūko Kakihara
Storyboard Kiyoko Sayama
Episode Director Yoshinobu Tokumoto
Animation Director Kana Nishijima,
Yuka Takemori
Featured Songs
Opening Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright
Ending Believe it
Insert Song Everyone Everyone!
Episode guide
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AiTube☆Cinderella The Encounter of Fate is of the Moon's Guidance

Mio, Becoming the Hero (みお、勇者になる) is the sixteenth episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime series. It aired on July 26th, 2018.


Mio starts getting pumped up for she is trying to design a Best Friends Rare dress for Pure Palette. When Mio reached a wall in designing, Aine invited Mio on a mystery tour planned by Aine herself. And walking along the lands of the forest, they reach the place known as "Hero's Bridge". And to Aine, this bridge that was a part of her childhood memories means―?


A meeting is being held to discuss the recent shift in popularity in both Aine's Idol career, and Pure Palette. The adults have been speaking, and right now they think would be the perfect time to unveil Best Friends Rare Dresses for the unit. Chiharu explains how it worked greatly with Honey Cat, so now it's their turn. The girls assure them that they'll do their best.

At Aine's place, Mio assures Aine that she can just leave the work coming up with great dresses to her. Aine agrees and gets up to prepare them tomato sandwiches, but she stops to take a moment and observe Mio as she begins a rough draft. She sees her struggle, but waits before delivering the food out of concern she would interrupt her. The second she gets a chance, she rushes back to the room and takes a moment to admire the design Mio has come up with- but while she adores it, Mio is left unsatisfied and decides to make a new one. She reveals the sandwich she made for her before taking off to give her more space, and she continues to observe Mio.

With five days left before their reveal the girls continue to work hard, with Mio focusing on her designs and Aine practicing her performance skills.

The next day, Mio sadly reveals the several designs she came up with. While Aine is amazed by the quantity, Mio doesn't like any of them. They're all missing that spark she feels when she sees something special, and these dresses need to be beyond that. They have to represent Pure Palette and create a large impression on others.

It's then the girls overhear arguing and they look to find Ema and Maika in the middle of discussion. They apologize for being too loud and explain how they're disagreeing over a specific part in a song. But as if it's nothing they manage to solve it quickly when Maika suggests they just head to the studio and compare the differences. They say goodbye and take off, leaving Mio to bewilderingly observe them.

Later, the girls head to the location where they will be rehearsing. Due to having some spare time though, Mio decides to focus on what she has so far. She observes her many designs while trying to figure out what the missing element is.

Meanwhile, Aine gets some drinks from a nearby vending machine. She really wants to help Mio by putting in as much effort, but she isn't sure how. She attempts to ask Coco for some guidance and decides that she has to find something to help Mio create the explosive impression she's going for.

Later the girls go out or a jog, but to Mio's shock, Aine suddenly stops to reveal she's come up with a plan. She's going to help her by taking her out on a "Mystery Tour". Mio is further surprised when she realizes Ken and Tamaki are in on the plan and have provided her with a backpack of items, and will be recording their day for future use. Aine thanks them and they drive off to their first location, a large mountain side.

There, Ken and Tamaki are quickly distracted by a wasp when it gets in their way. Aine and Mio continue up the mountain side, but after Mio realizes they have vanished she asks Aine for some confirmation that she knows what she is doing. She is further alarmed after Aine reveals that she actually doesn't because she hasn't been there since she was little.

After a while, Mio worriedly suggests that they head back but Aine wants to keep going. She suggests that they at least check out their location, but when she is unable to get a signal on her phone, Aine climbs the nearby tree in order to get a better look. She tries to stop her, but Aine returns a moment later -perfectly safe- and informs her that if they keep following the river they will make it to their destination in no time. She suggests they just keep going and enjoy their trip, stopping to admire the beautiful Hardy Orchids, along with the half-dyed slender Caesar mushroom, and a Japanese Pepper plant. They also hear a bird chirp and stop to listen when Mio admits to Aine that she made a good decision. Even if they took a detour, she's had so much fun because she's by her side. She was only looking forward to their destination, but now she realizes that she should just enjoy herself and go with the flow. Aine is delighted by this realization and they decide to take a break.

As Mio soaks her toes and splashes the water, Aine goes on to confess how meaningful their destination is to her. She spent a lot of time trying to think about what she could do to help her, and she remembered coming to this location when she was a child. Back then she wasn't really good at making friends and kept to herself, so she wasn't included. She couldn't work up the courage to say anything; words that shock Mio greatly. But to her surprise, her siblings approached to suggest they head to "Hero Bridge", a special place that has a challenge, and if you pass it you will get a "power up".

With her siblings, Aine heads up to "Hero Bridge". She watches her older sister jump off but remained behind, frozen in spot. She explains to Mio that she thought if she could find the courage to jump then she could change herself, and after gathering up every ounce of courage she jumped. After gathering her bearings she rises to the top to find the children from before, who expressed amazement that she actually did it. She was sure this was the moment she discovered her "frienergy".

Which is why she brought Mio up here today. She was hoping that because it awakened her friendly self and changed everything for her, maybe it would help inspire Mio.

They continue to walk up ahead and find Hero Bridge, where two instructors and a group of children are preparing for their jump. Before Mio can say or do anything- Aine quickly gets them changed and they head up to the bridge. Aine anticipates her turn, unaware of how anxious Mio has become as she observes the gap from where they stand. She calms down a little after Aine admits to still being a bit scared of it, even though she's already done it before, but she knows they will be okay because they're together.

Holding hands, the girls jump over the edge and fall beneath the surface of the water. Mio is amazed by the water surrounding her, and as she and Aine take hands again, she thinks about Ema and Maika from earlier. They rise to the surface and she delightfully reveals to Aine that she discovered what was missing.

As this is going on, Tamaki and Ken are shown to be recording from a distance. Tamaki confesses that she was worried, but it seems that she didn't need to be after all.  

Mio and Aine tiredly collapse on a large pile of rocks after they crawl out from the water. Curious, Aine asks her what was missing and she hesitantly admits that this whole time, all she wanted was an opinion from Aine. The second she dove in, she realized this. She wants to be able to complete them together, even if Aine doesn't know anything about dress design. As a partnership they need to do these kinds of things together. Aine is touched by such words, and apologizes for not being a burden on her, but Mio insists she was equally to blame for not thinking about how they should work together for this.

With that, the girls begin to observe Mio's designs and she works on a brand new one, incorporating the various details they like. Mio is delighted to be able to share her ideas with Aine and have someone else to give her opinions. Aine agrees and compliments how well their different styles come together well. She goes on to suggest they find a way to mix pink and aqua together to represent them both, and Mio agrees, suggesting they use these colors for Pure Palette's branding.

Tamaki and Ken finally decide to end their recording session as they watch the girls continue to work. Tamaki decides that Ken really deserves a break by now; causing him to reveal that the entire left of his face has been stung by the wasps.

On the day of the big reveal, the girls announce their inspiration and reveal their official brand logo. They explain what their plans are with Pure Palette and they head back stage to change into their brand new Best Friend Dresses. They reappear on stage to perform "Everyone Everyone!".

Backstage, Aine and Mio relax when Maika and Ema join them to compliment the performance and their brand new dresses. Mio teases them by claiming they will catch up soon when Tamaki, Ken, and Chiharu appear to bring up how excited everyone had been. Ken reveals the video they uploaded for it as well, leaving the girls amazed; and Maika and Ema confused when they witness their big jump. They wonder what exactly went on while Mio and Aine share a laugh.




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