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Spreading Harmony♪
Episode 21
Episode 21.png
Episode Information
Kanji 広がるハーモニー♪
English Spreading Harmony♪
Air Date
Japanese Air Date August 30, 2018
Screenplay Yūko Kakihara
Storyboard Megumi Yamamoto
Episode Director Megumi Yamamoto
Animation Director Rie Nakajima
Toshiaki Yamamura
Featured Songs
Opening Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright
Ending Believe it
Insert Song Aikatsu Friends!
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Spreading Harmony♪ (広がるハーモニー♪) is the twenty first episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime series. It aired on August 30th, 2018.


Aine and the others are to be visitor guides at the academy's open day. Joined by powerful visitors from all over the country (some of whom are boys!?), they are to observe the on-goings of the school. With there being participants who say that there's no need for Friends, Aine enters a situation where her friendship power is ineffective!?


As Aine, Mio, Ema, and Maika make their way through a corridor, Aine is surprised when she sees a message about an upcoming event. They explain that during summer the school hosts an "open House" for potential applicants. Since a lot of schools don't have Idol tracks they get a lot of girls coming by, as well as some who are just interested in becoming support staff.

Aine is surprised when they come to the room to find a large crowd of students their age preparing to sign up for the various functions. Tamaki brings up that even though it's summer break she was hoping to have the group help out some of them. The girls agree and they follow her into the auditorium, where Ken explains their plans of breaking down the group into smaller groups based on their plans.

It's then two girls approach, Marin and Rinna, and Tamaki assigns them to Maika and Ema- much to their -and Mio's- shock when they recognize them as the unit "Baby Pirates", the unit who placed second in last years Diamond Friends cup, right behind Love Me Tear. Rinna explains that because they lost the tournament they were hoping to further educate themselves; although Marin is disappointed because she'd rather have partnered up with Pure Palette since they actually won the recent Cup. Her words strike a nerve with the duo and sparks fly when Ema tells them that they are just as good.

Meanwhile, Chiharu comes by to bring Aine and Mio their two students. The first is introduced as Kagami Noto, a young man who came there with gold-leaf covered snacks for both girls. They eagerly accept, but after he reveals having no interest in being an Idol, he becomes brisk with them. An excited girl named Suzuka joins them and Aine asks to be friends after she reveals she is an Idol as well. Suzuka turns her down saying she doesn't want to have friends and how bothersome it is- she's only there to find a Producer. Her words deeply shake Aine, but she claims she is fine as they head outside.

Mio explains how Aine began in the General Track, but after meeting Mio she suggested that Aine switch to the Idol Track. Suzuka is surprised to hear this and brings up hearing how they are currently the top Friends of the school, but as it turns out Aine isn't anything special after all. Initially Aine agrees- but she says this is why she has to try harder to improve. She asks Suzuka to be friends again but she refuses.

The four head back inside and the girls lead them to Tamaki's manager room and Chiharu's office, explaining the importance of having both of them. Both kindly greet the girls, and Suzuka is taken by the designs and runs off to observe the cute outfits while Kagami spots several makeup items nearby. He finds himself amazed by their radiance and attempts to get a closer look when Chiharu joins him, revealing that Ken is also an important staff member there and how he handles things like that. The girls notice Kagami's odd behavior again, but they say nothing.

Meanwhile, Tamaki leads Ema and Maika and a handful of students to the dance studio. She felt that letting them experience a dance practice session could come in handy, but Honey Cat and Baby Pirates remain competitive and prepare to show each other up.

As this is going on, Aine and Mio lead Shizuka and Kagami outside for a training session and the basics; but neither of them are very interested. They run with the girls anyway, but when Aine tries to be friendly with Suzuka, she finds herself trying to surpass her- although Aine easily manages to outrun her, not aware of this.

From a distance, Ken speaks with Tamaki to ask if there are any good prospects yet. She brings up Shizuka and says that she wouldn't mind having her, and Ken observes Aine to remark on how much she's also improved since she began. As an Idol she has grown, along with Mio, who has become much more open and assertive. Tamaki is glad to see the girls continue to grow, and she mentions how happy it makes her.

Having finished their run, the four stop for a break when Aine mentions how thirsty she is now. She suggests they grab a drink together but Suzuka storms off wanting nothing to do with her. Aine gives chase while the other two observe them, and it suddenly dons on Mio that she has no experience with boys her age. She panics when Kagami suddenly warns her that with such fair skin she should get in the shade and without thought grabs her arm to lead her, but she thanks him and steps aside, beneath a shady tree. She recalls how one of her Love Me Tear books said Idols should have little sun exposure on such bright weathered days, and to her surprise Kagami is able to pinpoint the exact book she's referring to. Realizing he also reads those books, she begins to chat with him- until he mentions makeup and their talent with it. She asks him about this, but he quickly denies saying anything as Aine and Suzuka rejoin them with exciting news: Alumnae of the school will be showing up to speak with the students, including Love Me Tear.

In the auditorium, everyone is seated as Karen and Mirai explain the importance of Friends. They start by asking the audience what friends are, saying that they can lead to Endless Possibilities. Neither Suzuka or Kagami can understand, when Mirai brings up that because it's summer vacation, they were going to be playing a game to demonstrate. They pull out a watermelon and a set of sticks in order to split the watermelon, and they decide to have everyone do it in pairs, starting with themselves to demonstrate.

They each walk to opposite sides of the rooms and put on blindfolds, then turn around and step back to it in time with one-another. As soon as they meet, they easily smash the watermelon in several chunks. Everyone is amazed by their perfect synchronization, and Honey Cat take their turn, with Ema using her lacrosse stick to throw it towards the blindfolded Karen, who effortlessly slices through it with a stick.

As this goes on, everyone watches with further amazement; with the exception of the tense Baby Pirates duo and an unimpressed Suzuka. Despite their job well done, Marin remarks that they failed to be as impressive as Love Me Tear. They begin to bicker again until the duo decide to take their own turn, and with elegance they flawlessly smash the watermelon; with Aine comparing them to ballerina. Karen and Mirai explain that everyone is "cunique" and as Friends, capable of many, endless possibilities and special traits. Aine eagerly takes notes, but Suzuka continues to insist it's unimportant and unnecessary- being a solo Idol is much better. Karen asks her to take her turn next, but Suzuka struggles to find her place until Aine gets up to try to help her by making sound. Suzuka is able to locate the watermelon, and she splits it open; although realizing she had Aine lend her a hand she becomes disappointed.

She tells Aine off for continuing to bother her and runs away into the nearby forest, telling her to go away. Mio joins Aine and asks her to allow her to handle it as she has an intuition as to what is going on. Concerned, Aine agrees and stays back, and Mio approaches Suzuka to ask if they can speak. She admits that being alone is easier, but she's been forced to deal with new feelings she's never had before since making her friends, and in such a short amount of time she's experienced many new things- she doesn't regret making friends or forming a Friends group. No matter what comes her way, Friends are important to her. Aine is touched by her words, but Suzuka denies wanting friends and tells her to stop. She doesn't have friends back at home, and she has no idea how to make them; but Mio insists that she was the same way until she met Aine. She's been changing little by little for the better, and it's because of this that she's capable of speaking to her now. She is sure the same could be said for Suzuka.

Convincing her to return the trio exit the forest just to run into Tamaki and Chiharu, who worriedly search for another visitor who took off right after they did. They try to search around the school for Kagami and find him entering a room. They run after him as he observes the makeup items again, and suddenly Ken reappears. To everyone's surprise, it turns out that Kagami actually came to the school in order to speak to Ken and ask to become his disciple. He was too embarrassed to tell anyone about his interest in makeup, and knew Ken would be the right person to seek out. Tamaki is relieved in knowing this, and she steps aside to thank Aine's family for supplying food for the event and helping to cater it. She then asks Aine's older brother if he's ever considered becoming an Idol, considering how attractive he is.

As this is going on, Mio's mother introduces herself to Aine's mother and the two instantly hit things off, bringing up how much the others daughter has inspired her to work hard.

As fireworks begin to go off, Aine and Mio begin to speak to everyone at the party, explaining that once the reception ends it will officially begin. They ask that everyone enjoys themselves and they head to the changing area to appear on stage, where they perform "Aikatsu Friends!".

That evening, Baby Pirates and Honey Cat take a group photo and share a few words while Aine and Mio's mothers make conversation again. Mio's mother apologizes for confusing Aine's with her wording and she explains that she is also a designer, and Penne serves Karen and Mirai with dessert and they fawn over his cuteness. As this is going on Ken asks Kagami to stop by the school on occasion, as his disciple he should be able to help out. Kagami happily agrees and Tamaki tries to convince Kazune to join the school as an Idol again. He refuses, with Momone expressing annoyance by this. Suzuka apologizes to Aine for being so rude but Aine happily forgives her and suggests they exchange cards. She agrees and the trio swap cards as Suzuka promises to return one day with a Friend group of her own.




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