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Shout It, at the Moment
Episode 23
Episode 23.png
Episode Information
Kanji 叫ぶ、瞬間
English Shout It, at the Moment
Air Date
Japanese Air Date September 13, 2018
Screenplay Takahiko Kyōgoku
Storyboard Takahiko Kyōgoku
Episode Director Takahiko Kyōgoku
Animation Director Tatsuya Akitsu
Featured Songs
Opening Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright
Ending Believe it
Insert Song Okay —period—
Girls be ambitious!
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Premonition of the Full Moon Rivals are Friends!

Shout It, at the Moment (叫ぶ、瞬間) is the twenty third episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime series. It aired on September 13th, 2018.


Maika is left feeling depressed after losing the Star Harmony Cup. Aiming to be the muse of the brand Dancing Mirage, Maika tried to be persistent and take up jobs, but ends up being harshly criticized by the top designer, Noa. At that time, Maika heard about a certain festival that was about to start. The Maika who would usually participate in both events would...?


With their official announcement, Reflect Moon has become an overnight hit. Concerned, Maika asks Coco to know more about this recently established unit. She's left feeling disappointed hearing that they will be participating in the upcoming Brilliant Friends Cup, which disappoints her since Honey Cat lost the prior Cup.

She heads home to find her father and older brother ending a sparing match while her mother watches from the sideline. They greet her -her father more excited than anyone else- and they show her the banner they prepared for the upcoming cup; which completely crushes her spirit realizing she's yet to tell them the bad news.

Later that evening, she waits outside for Ema to join her. She explains what happened, and explains that she couldn't find it in herself to do so since they were so excited. Ema tells her that she needs to talk to them though, then they can focus on making sure they don't fail next time. Maika thanks her and they separate. She returns back inside to find her older brother lifting weights when she spots the nearby poster for Dancing Mirage. She recalls how this has always been a goal of hers and determines that for now she should focus on this in order to help Honey Cat succeed.

The following day, she gets a photo-shoot set up in an attempt to gain approval from the Top Designer, Noa. But while taking a break she happens to spot Noa preparing to visit another girl and curiously spies on them. To her shock she finds the twins in the middle of performing a scene and is swept away by their brilliantly shining performance. However, she feels further dedication in her goals- only to realize Noa is nearby. Hurriedly, Maika apologizes for entering the room and prepares to take off, but Noa suggests that she head home now. Maika is unable to understand as Noa bluntly tells her that she isn't ready to become the Muse of Dancing Mirage yet, but when Maika asks for an explanation, she says nothing and takes off.

As the rain continues to pour, a heartbroken Maika heads for home. She stands outside and cries before heading inside, gloomily ignoring everyone she passes and heading straight for her bedroom. Her parents wonder if something happened, but they are distracted by the news announcement of the approaching "Bird Girl Fest". Every year, applicants apply for a chance to represent the City as Bird Girl and fly over the area as a sign of good luck and happiness.

At school the following day, the concerned Ema tries cheering Maika up and points out how unlike her this is. But it seems she is unable to when Tamaki and Chiharu join them to reveal she's gotten Honey Cat's next gig. Star Harmony Academy has been contracted to hold a special live during Bird Girl Fest, and because Maika loves festivals they thought this would cheer her up. She negatively claims that it'll probably be canceled though, due to the heavy rain, so Chiharu suggests to the duo that they try to do something unusual for a chance. The rainy weather makes it hard to hold lessons right now, so maybe something more fun could perk her up. She recommends karaoke, and an eager Ema grabs Maika's hand and leads her out into the hallway. There they come across Aine, who is surrounded by a group of girls wishing to hang out with her.  She admires her radiant Frienergy and realizes that she must do something and she tells Ema that something has come up.

Maika returns to the photo-shoot area to find a girl in the middle of getting her picture taken as Noa stands in the background to observe her. She wonders what she could have done wrong; but to her shock Sakuya suddenly appears to ask if she's alright. Maika, not wanting to really deal with her right now responds bluntly, just for Kaguya to startle her next. They can tell she's in a poor mood right now and attempt to help her feel better, but she denies having any problem. They ask if she would like a divination but she rejects, saying that she already knows what the problem is: she had been dropped by Dancing Mirage as a model. They don't understand, but Sakuya observes Noa before giving her advice.

Arriving home, Maika is confronted by her worried parents, who were told by Tamaki what happened. She claims it was her own fault anyway so it's fine, but they're sure she will do fine next time. She feels better having their support, and her older brother surprises her by revealing he sent in her application for Bird Girl and how she obtained the role.

On the day of the festival it's still raining, but several people show up, including Maika's family. She gets suited up and walks by the crowd with Ema trailing behind her for support. Everyone cheers as an announcer reveals her to them and brings up her status as an Idol.

As this is going on, Aine and Mio are shocked to see this display from their phones. Realizing the importance of this situation, they quickly leave; along with Noa, the twins, Tamaki, and Chiharu.

Maika stands firmly on the hill as everyone cheers for her- including her really loud father. She hesitates until Ema manages to temporarily distract her by saying Maika's popular catchphrase, then she starts making silly faces to lighten her mood. Just then, the thick clouds in the sky begin to clear and the rain slowly comes to an end, much to everyone's great surprise.  They happily cheer as a bell rings in the distance and several birds take flight. With restored confidence -and Ema assuring her that she'll be performing first to give her enough time- Maika runs forward with and jumps off of the hill to soar into the distance.

After watching her, Ema returns to the stage and changes into her coord. She appears and performs "Okay —period—" as Maika admires the beautiful surroundings and the large, opened sky. She slowly begins her descent and takes the winds off, allowing them to float into the distance and runs through the path, shedding her suit and running through many puddles to return to the stage. She grabs her chosen cards and changes into the coord, appearing on stage to perform "Girls be ambitious!".

Maika returns to Ema, who compliments her job well done. Noa then shows up to announce tha Maika will be her Muse. Stunned by the news, Maika asks Noa if she's sure about this, and Noa explains what she saw in Maika; the ability to make others smile while being watched. She had become so focused on what happened that she lost this, and she knew that by being harsh she would eventually realize this. This festival and it's joyous mood was a result of her.

Just then, Chiharu arrives, much to Noa's surprise. They happily greet each other as Chiharu explains how she knows the girls while a clueless Maika watches from the side. As it turns out they came from the same Design Agency growing up, and Maika is shocked when Noa reveals that despite her mature looks they are the same age. Ema admits that she thought Noa was scary, but seeing her act so happily with Chiharu really changes her initial impression. Aine calls over Kaguya and Sakuya and they happily greet her  and compliment how well she did, followed by Mio, who introduces Ema formally to the twins. They exchange words as Aine congratulates everyone's growing friendships.

Maika returns home later, where her father resumes fawning over her. She happily accepts his kind words and throws her school bag aside to kick the pads he's put up. With her outlook improved, she happily announces herself as Dancing Mirage's Muse as her brother happily remarks on the turn of events.




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