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Rivals are Friends!
Episode 24
Episode 24.png
Episode Information
Kanji ライバルはフレンズ!
English Rivals are Friends!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date September 20, 2018
Screenplay Ayumu Hisao
Storyboard Yasunao Aoki
Episode Director Moe Suzuki
Animation Director Takahiro Ōkawa
Yuka Takemori
Featured Songs
Opening Thank You⇄It'll Be Alright
Ending Believe it
Insert Song Identity
Overflowing with Love
Episode guide
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Rivals are Friends! (ライバルはフレンズ!) is the twenty fourth episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime series. It aired on September 20th, 2018.


Pure Palette and Reflect Moon are to appear on a variety show with Love Me Tear. Though Sakuya is nervous about her first variety show appearance and Kaguya is unable to understand what's so amazing about Love Me Tear, the two notice something important during the recording...?


One day, Sakuya and Kaguya meet up with Aine and Mio to prepare for their job on a Variety Show. Sakuya is uneasy despite everyone else trying to comfort her, saying that she's never worked with prominent celebrities such as Love Me Tear. Mio is shocked after Kaguya claims not to care about them- even as Aine explains their importance as a Friends unit. She insults Aine's method of thought, causing her equal shock.

With that, Tamaki and the twins' Manager, Mushiro show up. After exchanging greetings and business cards, they lock gazes and approach the nearby desk to sign in. After getting their information and passes, everyone heads up to the floor of their dressing room. As this is going on, Coco informs the viewers of the importance of signing in and checking the layout of the work place since they can change so frequently. As Pure Palette and Tamaki head into their room they greet Ken and Chiharu and quickly get to work changing clothes and doing makeup. Coco suggests that it's important to leave more than enough time when it comes to this, then she goes on to bring up how a business meeting follows this, prior to recording. As she brings up the script, the man talks to the girls and how they have structured the event and Sakuya pages through her script. She continues to worry noticing how different it is from the movie scripts she's used to.

As this is going on, Karen and Mirai introduce themselves to the audience. They explain how two Friends units will be joining them today and express their feelings in working with them. The take ends there and a man introduces both units to the stage. Quickly Mirai and Karen approach Aine and Mio to chat with them while the twins curiously observe them, followed by Mirai and Karen turning to greet them. Mirai is correctly able to guess which girl is which, much to their surprise since they have never met before and usually people mix them up. A staff member approaches to give the girls their microphone pieces, but when Sakuya and Kaguya are unable to figure them out, Aine offers to lend Sakuya a hand while Karen helps Kaguya. Kaguya is slightly flustered -not used to being doted on- and she remains quiet.

The girls are given their final hair touch-ups and with that the program officially begins. Sakuya still remains uneasy, and she shyly introduces herself. Coco points out that during a recording, instructions and dialogue is given with the use of cue cards. Karen and Mirai sit down with the twins in order to speak to them first, and Mirai mentions wanting to meet them for some time now. But after noticing how nervous Sakuya is, she asks for a temporary pause in recording and Karen gets up to ask the staff something. Mirai attempts to speak to Sakuya in order to make her feel better, and she claims that she is a witch. To prove it she casts a spell to dim the lights, surprising the girls as they look towards the ceiling to find a glittery, evening sky like lighting has replaced the room. Instantly her jitters vanish and the lights turn on again as Sakuya thanks Mirai. Mirai happily embraces her and they return to their work filming, with the twins managing to get through with ease now. Before they hit commercial break, Mirai heads out to perform a song for everyone.

By now Sakuya has become quite taken by Mirai, leaving Kaguya to remark upon this. However, she curiously observes Karen to see her observing the performance before them. She continues to observe her during a break as Aine invites them over to join her at the snacks table. But after the girls notice that Mirai and Sakuya have left, Karen suggests they go on a little trip while they still have some time. She shows them around the studio and follow the voices they hear towards the set before them. Suddenly, a lion jumps out of them- but it turns out to be Mirai. She removes the costume and brings up how much she enjoys coming here whenever they're not busy, and she suggests they take a picture, with Sakuya peeking out from a nearby wall to be included. The group happily observe her as she admires the variety of sets, props, and costumes left here.

It's then Mirai spots a weapon and tosses it to Karen, recognizing it as one she used in a drama. While the girls are amazed by the display, she claims her skills aren't as impressive as they were before; it's then Kaguya stops to ask her what was on her mind earlier. She brings up noticing her expression during Mirai's performance, and she is genuinely impressed when Karen explains that she found the performance to be wonderful. While she watched her, it made her want to put on an even better performance than her last one. While Mirai is her friend, she is also her rival.

The program resumes filming, with Pure Palette getting their turn at speaking with Love Me Tear. They start by congratulating the Friends on their recent win and acceptance into the Brilliant Friends Cup. They ask that the girls speak to their fans- with Aine embarrassing both Mio and Tamaki with her bold statement of becoming Diamond Friends one day in front of the current Diamond Friends. Mushiro laughs at this and Aine begins to panic, although Karen and Mirai believe that her efforts aren't entirely wasted. They become equals when they stop on stage together or separately, their status doesn't matter because everyone who performs Aikatsu works together as rivals to raise the bar further, and continue growing. Mio isn't very sure they stand a chance, but Mirai and Karen recall how they were about the same age as them when they won the Brilliant Friends Cup. It's a prelude now, but back then they were on top of the world after their landslide victory. If Pure Palette can win the Brilliant Friends Cup, who knows what miracle could come their way.

With their guest segment concluding, the four girls thank everyone for allowing them to attend. However, Aine notices Mio's intense expression and tries to speak to her, but she suddenly approaches Karen and Mirai to ask that they watch them during the upcoming Cup. Which they plan to win so that they can someday take them on further down the line. Although Tamaki is concerned seeing Mio talk like Aine, Love Me Tear happily remark on this, with Karen bringing up her opinions on the importance of having a rival. She is then called on stage to perform, but before she leaves, Kaguya asks if she could watch the performance. Karen allows it and she runs off, changing into a coord and she appears on stage to perform "Overflowing Love".

Afterwards, Kaguya speaks with Aine and recalls what she said before they began the program. She claims to understand her words now, and she thinks about how Karen and Mirai are both friends and rivals. They push each other to improve and reach new heights, and together they can infinitely fly. Which means that if she can improve her own performance capabilities, she will also help Sakuya shine more brightly. Aine teasingly wonders if she loves Love Me Tear now, and they watch as Karen and Mirai exchange words and hold hands.




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