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Wakaba, I'll Do It All!
Episode 66
Episode 66.png
Episode Information
Kanji わかば、まるっとやっちゃうぞ!
English Wakaba, I'll Do It All!
Air Date
Japanese Air Date July 18, 2019
Screenplay Keiichirō Ōchi
Storyboard Megumi Yamamoto
Episode Director Megumi Yamamoto
Animation Director Kana Nishijima
Yuka Takemori
Featured Songs
Opening I'm Not Alone!
Ending Be star
Insert Song Everyone Everyone!
Episode guide
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Heart-Pounding♥Friends Date From Mirai, to the Future!

Wakaba, I'll Do It All! (わかば、まるっとやっちゃうぞ!) is the sixty sixth episode of the Aikatsu Friends! anime series and the sixteenth episode of its second season. It aired on July 18th, 2019.


Wakaba is nearing debut, but first she must find something essential about being an idol.


During her daily jogging, Wakaba saw some children imitate Aine's dance but they weren't able to do it well. And so, she demonstrated them some moves which impressed them although she was a bit upset of being called Aine's copycat. After her daily training, Wakaba is asked by Mirai to help Aine and the others at Star Harmony Academy's Open Campus Day which will become her final trial before she can debut. Mirai tells Wakaba that she still lacks something essential to being an idol and her final trial will be to find it at Star Harmony Academy. Here, Wakaba helps Aine and the others during the Open Campus as much as she can like helping Honey Cat demonstrating a Special Appeal as part of their lecture about Aikatsu, acting as a fan for Reflect Moon's lecture about responding to a fan, and becoming Aine's substitute to show some choreography with Mio for the visitors when she was late.

During her break, Wakaba reunites with her childhood friend, Kozue Kobayakawa, who she hasn't met for two years. Kozue then tells the others about their childhood stories where they both have always admire idols and wanted to form Friends one day. Suddenly, Wakaba excused herself from the others. And then, Kaguya confronted her and asked what's bothering her. And then, Wakaba opened up to her that Kozue once participated in an audition that would give her a chance to become an idol but she injured her leg before the final round. So, Wakaba became her replacement but she was found out by the Judges where one of them was Mirai. After this, Mirai who was impressed by her skills invited her to participate at her audition which she won. And because of that, she is afraid she might hate her if she ever know it.

But then, Kozue and the others heard her all this time and Wakaba encouraged by Kaguya tells Kozue that she was very sorry. However, Kozue doesn't hate her at all because she is currently pursuing a new dream to become a movie director and she believed that Wakaba was meant to become an idol. But, Wakaba wasn't sure because she can only imitate other people. Even so, Kozue assured her that she has a talent that no one can have. Suddenly, Aine remembered that she had a job at a television program that overlapped with her performance with Mio at school. So, everyone had Wakaba to replace Aine, and Wakaba and Mio appear on stage to perform "Everyone Everyone!".

After their performance, it was well received by the audience and then it was revealed that Aine lied about the job and it was everyone's plan to help Wakaba gain confidence which ended up being a success. Mirai, who was also there with Karen, told her about the first time she saw Wakaba in an audition. At first, she danced to Kozue's choreography and then switch to Pure Palette's choreography but even so, she saw a big smile on Wakaba's face which is why she invited her to her audition to become an idol. Karen also commented that "admiration always starts by imitating", which is also a way of learning. With this, Mirai is sure that Wakaba is ready to debut as an idol.




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