The Fitting Room (フィッティングルーム) is a device seen in the anime Aikatsu Friends!. It is used to put the idol into her desired coord set and take her to the stage.

Description and Usage

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The user first enters any given space and runs up to where a golden pedestal is. This portable pedestal with ornamental elements has a diamond-shaped platform at the top to place the cards, along with a large golden ring placed behind the diamond.

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The user grabs ahold of her Aikatsu! Pass and places it onto the diamond, activating a snowflake crystal pattern, each of its left, bottom and rightmost shards to place the top, bottom and shoe card respectively.

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Upon placing the Aikatsu! Pass, the hall's virtual space begins to activate, beginning by creating an ivory pentagonal platform and walkway beneath the player, held up by a spire standing at the center of the base of a dome with damaged structure, filled with water right up to the platform.

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The virtual space continues to expand as the rest begins to form as well: an ivory dome with damaged structure that allows a view to the infinite sky beyond, filled with clouds and floating islands, as well as allowing streams of water to flow down from the cracks in the roof. A large crystal point floats in the center of the dome, with four smaller crystal points floating around it.

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An array of cards glow in the color of the idol's type proceeds to surround the user as she selects her chosen coord. She then proceeds to place her cards onto the diamond platform.

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The surrounding crystal points change colors to represent the four card or idol types: cute, cool, sexy and pop, joins into the center crystal to create a rainbow crystal.

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The rainbow crystal then disappears to reappear as a structure behind the pedestal. Three crystal points that has long shards of blue and pink crystal in front of it stand behind the entrance to the runway, a doorway with a golden rim and a diamond at its top, the scallop fans of pink and yellow opened for the user when time to enter the runway.

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The user runs along a blue runway bordered with gold all the way to the sphere-cut diamond at the end. The runway is within a blue crystal virtual space, ornaments of the cute, cool, sexy and pop symbols floating around the room, along with two streams of waterfalls flowing down from the sky.

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The user jumps on the diamond as it bounces the user towards the ceiling to where the cards are placed. The outfit appears on the user as she passes through each card head-first.

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The user lands on a blue crystal platform with a crystal design of the four idol or card types in the center. Behind the platform is a golden chandelier ornament, with two ornaments with shell openings that is the start of the waterfall on the sides of a chandelier, held up by an arching ornament above all three ornaments.


  • Differences between the current Fitting Room and past models:
    • The fitting room is no longer a hallway, but a hall.
    • The hall itself is affected by the virtual space function to create a whole new different image, unlike the Aikatsu Stars! model which creates a vortex of light.
    • The cards are somehow transported to the system before placing the cards down.
    • This is the first runway room to have a trampoline.
    • This is the first runway room where the idol passes through the cards head first.
    • This is the first runway room where the idol lands on a platform to pose.
    • This is the first runway room where the color is not based on the song type.
  • Excluding Karen and Mirai, all the main characters who are in the same Friends unit together share the same pose after choosing their card from the ring of light.



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