Happiness Gift Coord
Type Cute
Brand Sugar Melody
Rarity Premium Rare
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 4
Anime Happiness to Everyone♪

 Happiness Gift Coord (ハピネスギフトコーデ) is a premium rare coord made by the cute brand Sugar Melody. It debuted in Part 4 of the Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends! series and in Episode 34 of the anime.


Happiness Gift Top

A pale pink top with two pieces of ribbon wrapped around it, including a sky blue piece with frilly white border, and a diagonal pink piece covered in dots and trim by scalloped material. Sticking out from the bottom is white, pink-tint tulle. Around the top is hot pink ribbon with skinny horizontal lines with a ribbon on the side, accent by frills at the middle and a gold ornate music note with a yellow pearl heart in the middle. Sewn to the ribbon is a band of pearls, pearl pink lace, and a silky pearl pink strip around the top to match the accent from behind the bow. A single, tulle shoulder strap is worn on the left arm. Included is a hot pink choker with a yellow pearl heart in the middle and a gold bow beneath it, attached to a pearl chain circling the neck. The user also gains white, pink-tint opera gloves with a ruffled cuff trim with tulle and held by a hot pink ribbon. Sticking out from the top is a pastel pink ruffled fabric with pale yellow accent.

Happiness Gift Skirt

A ruffled, pale pink skirt with the front right corner cut longer than the remainder and a designed lining of white tulle. A pattern of white lines cover the skirt with a pearl drawn on each corner, along with gold music notes, pale yellow hearts. Sewn around the skirt are sky blue bows. This is followed by a white and yellow striped fabric that sticks out from the side and back corner, a white pleat tutu with ruffled lining, and a ruffled, pale yellow layer. Sticking out from under the top skirt is a pearl chain, while wrapped around the top of the skirt is a large hot pink ribbon with skinny pink lines. White writing adorns the ribbon on the skirt, while its tails hang from the front right corner, where two pink bows are attached, one with stripes and frilly lining, the other with dots. Sewn to the corner is a yellow pearl heart. Hanging from the back of the ribbon are a pair of pink tails with scalloped lining and a white stripe going down the middle. The waistband is pink with lace lining.

Happiness Gift Sandals

Gold sandals with a white, pink-tinted piece of fabric acting as the strap. On it is a hot pink bow with lace accent and a gold, alternate music note in the middle for each foot, along with a heart on the side, and a smaller sky blue bow. On the heel are white pearl chains attached to the ruffled, pink-tinted anklets. A pearl chain wraps around the middle with a sky blue bow on the back. On the left leg is a ribbon of pastel blue, yellow, and pink, along with a lace garter with bows sewn around the top and a gold strap attached to a yellow pearl heart.

Happiness Gift Accessory

A pearl headband with a hot pink and pink striped bow on the left corner. Sewn to this is a pearl pink lace bow, and a pink, four-petal ribbon with gold lining and a crystal gem in the middle. On the lower corner of the gem is a gold music note. Pearl earrings are included with gold pearl chains attached to a gold heart with a tiny pink bow on the bottom. The makeup item included is a pastel pink striped compact with gold lining and a pastel pink ribbon on the pad. The product is pink.


Tops Bottoms Shoes
F4-1pr 00
Happiness Gift Top
F4-2pr 00
Happiness Gift Skirt
F4-3pr 00
Happiness Gift Sandals


F4-4pr 00
Happiness Gift Accessory


Episode Image User
34 F034134 Aine


Official Art

Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!

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