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Song Identity
Idol Type Pop
Stage Type Dance
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime The Road Continuing towards Mirai★
Aine's Halloween Panic! (Halloween Ver.)


A room with pale pink striped wallpaper that has a blue gradient detail and a gold border with matching curtains on either side, held by gold crescent and star ornaments. White stars and dots in various sizes are randomly placed to match those designed on the purple gradient floor. The room is shaped to reveal a secondary level, where a purple border covered in alternating sky blue and pale pink triangles resides. The flooring of this part is pale pink with various sized white spots covering it, and a lining of white and fuchsia stylized structure. In the background scenery is the Milky Joker logo designed board, along with blue gradient coloring with swirls of electric pink floating around.

The rounded performance area resembles a melting or icing dripped cake of pale pink, sky blue, and hot pink, with the top covered in cyan lined with goldenrod, pale pink, and violet spheres. A pastel Milky Joker logo resides in the center.


The walls become a purple gradient and around the bottom of the wall is gold lining and white clouds. Gold stars, indigo bats, and violet spiderwebs cover the walls, and holding back the large curtains at the corner of the room is gold ribbon held by a jack-o-lantern. The floor turns a gradient of orange, peach, gold, and red. The fabric hanging from the ceiling is green with gold stars and bats of hot pink and purple. The stage behind the performance area turns mauve, and its background changes in design to reflect the new style of the monitor, which displays HAPPY HALLOWEEN in pink surrounded by gold spiderwebs, jack-o-lanterns, colorful lights, and mint ribbons.

The performance stand gains an orange stylized border and a pattern of violet and purple diagonal stripes, while the top turns into a large jack-o-lantern with HAPPY HALLOWEEN written on it, along with stars and black bats, and a brand new border.

Anime Appearances


Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!