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Let's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together/Stage
Version 1 | Version 2

Let's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together! Stage.png

Song Let's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together!
Idol Type Multi-type
Stage Type Dance
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 5
Anime The Scenery of Gratitude (Version 2)


Version 1

The performance takes place in a large blue room or area with glitter and spheres of mint, pale blue, and white floating around. Beneath the performance platform is a pale pastel gradient ring surrounding by skinnier rings surround the stage. The audience members stand on floating platforms surrounding the stage coming in pink, fuchsia, orange, and sky blue with text and music bar accents. Behind them is Aikatsu!! with three stars next to it, written in white with a matching colored music bar. The performance platform is a colorful pastel with a ring of pale pink on top, surrounded by a ring composed of the four idol colors, each with writing. the performance spot in the middle is blue and pink with three large shapes of yellow, orange, and violet around it, followed by an azure border with white detail. A floating flower-like shape in a pink, blue, and yellow gradient surrounds the stage with music note-shaped holes. Beneath the stage is Aikatsu! written in large, colorful letters.

Version 2

Anime Appearances


Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!