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Mascots (マスコット Masukotto) are typically animals who represent the brand they are based on. They are often found in official merchandise, as well as making cameo appearances in the anime.

List of Known Mascots

Love Me Tear

Conille (コニーユ Konīyu) is the mascot of Love Me Tear. Conille's name is an anagram of the word unicorn (ユニコーン) without the last "n" (ン).

Conille is a white unicorn with a soft pink ombre on the loose fur above her milk blue hooves. She has a golden horn tucked into her short, fluffy mane. Her mane is colored to match her body with slightly darker colors and she has a thick, fluffy tail. Her eyes are green. She wears a large pearl necklace with a pale indigo gem in the center of a flower.

Conille was shown as merchandise of Love Me Tear♥Spring Tour in episode 2.

Honey Cat

Chamois (シャミー Shamī) is the mascot of Honey Cat. Chamois' name comes from the soft leather used for cleaning.

Chamois is a white cat with a periwinkle ombre on her paws, ears, and fluffy tail. In between her ears is a tuft of silver hair with a small cowlick, and her whiskers protrude from pink tinted cheeks. She has starry, golden eyes and a purple snout, and around her neck is a ruffled, yellow neckband.

Pure Palette

Paplette (パプレット Papuretto) is the mascot of Pure Palette.

Reflect Moon

Hirelle (ハイレル Haireru) is the mascot of Reflect Moon.

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