"I'll make my color shine brilliantly!"

– Mio before her performance in season 2

Mio Minato
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Charaimg mio02

Kanji 湊みお
Romaji Minato Mio
Gender Female
Age 13-14 (S1)
15 (S2)
Birthday January 6
Occupation Student
Affiliation Star Harmony Academy
Pure Palette
Blood Type A
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime Hello Friends!
Seiyū/Singer Ibuki Kido

Mio Minato (湊みお) is one of the two protagonists of the Aikatsu Friends! series. She is a student of the idol division at Star Harmony Academy. Mio is a cool-type idol whose preferred brand is her self-created brand, Material Color. Along with Aine Yūki, the two are a part of Pure Palette.



Mio has cerise eyes and chest-length sky blue hair with a lavender ombre. A braid resides on each side of the head and meets at the center, while her bangs are spread out with the left tucked and held with a two gold star clip. She has a single curled strand at the center, while her forelocks reach her shoulder.

As of season two, Mio's bangs are now held by a single star clip with a white feather.

At a younger age, Mio's hair was separated into two braids and tied into side buns, her forelocks held with a star clip similar to that of the one she uses now.


Mio is known to be cool and is a girl who is constantly in a professional mindset. Mio is also a bit shy when it comes to Aine because of her feelings and how she cares about Aine.


Mio has been doing idol activities since she was young and is good at fashion design. She is a popular and active idol among Star Harmony Academy, and is the cover model for the magazine "Aikatsu! Style Times". She is also both designer and muse for her own brand, Material Color.

Mio met Aine at the Penguin Café by coincidence and asked Aine to join her on her idol activities.


Mio first met Aine when she delivered Mio lunch from Aine's family cafe. The two quickly became friends, and Mio invites Aine to perform with her for an event, with Aine transferring to the Idol Division of the school following Mio's invitation to join her on the path of idols.
Tamaki is Mio, Aine, Maika and Ema's manager.
Mio's mother.
Mio's father.


Minato () means harbor or port.

Mio (みお) can be written as "澪" in Kanji, which means waterway or channel. Other common forms of the name also include "海央", used to describe the beauty of oceans.


"All the dresses I've worn till now, are all filled with my precious feelings."

– Mio Minato

"Let's go! One stage higher!"

– Mio before her performance in season 1

"If you become an idol, the cards will be your friends; the fans cheering you on will be your friends, and you'll be able to make a million friends. That's why... shall we Aikatsu together? Let's go. Together."

– Mio to Aine

"It came to me in a Vivid flash!"

– Mio's catchphrase

"Rivals are not to compete against, but to improve with. That's right. Aine is my ultimate Friend and rival!"

– Mio Minato

"I stopped worrying about surpassing Love Me Tear's legend or the outcome of our battle. Just being able to share that stage with you was my happiness."

– Mio to Aine

"Maybe to you, I'm just one friend out of many, but to me, you're my one and only."

– Mio to Aine

"I felt the same way you did. I couldn't abandon a friend either. And it's that part of you that I want to form Friends. That's the Aine I want to become Diamond Friends with."

– Mio to Aine

"Back when I was on my own, I had my fair share of tough times. But meeting you was my salvation. Those are the feelings I put into our song."

– Mio to Aine

"Out of all her countless friends, Aine chose me. She become my number one Friend. The fire in my chest burns hot when I think of her."

– Mio

"One plus one makes infinity. Just like Love Me Tear was able to create infinite possibilities, the more I shine, the brighter Pure Palette will be!"

– Mio to Aine

"I want to make Pure Palette shine! So intensely that no color or light can outshine it!"

– Mio to Aine



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