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– Momone's catchphrase

Momone Yūki
Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 1.44.19 AM 1.png
Kanji 友希ももね
Romaji Yūki Momone
Gender Female
First Appearance
Anime Hello Friends!
Seiyū/Singer Yūki Takada

Momone Yūki (友希ももね) is the younger sister of Aine Yūki. She is the fourth child and the third daughter of the Yūki family.



Momone is a young girl with big, rounded topaz eyes. She has dark pink medium-length hair worn on her right side in rounded, spherical braids, the high braid held by a single hair tie with a blue heart. Her bangs are in a similar shape, and she has a curled lock of hair at each ear.

During the time of season one, Momone had pigtail braids held with fluffy yellow scrunchies instead of her current single ponytail braid.


Momone has a bubbly and effervescent nature and is never seen without a smile on her face. She is very supportive of her family, especially Aine's idol activities. When excited or overjoyed, Momone's eyes glitter.



Momone's father.
Momone's mother.
Momone's elder sister.
Momone's elder brother.
Momone's elder sister.
Momone's younger brother.
Penne often disciplines Momone, keeping her away from bothering Aine's conversations with her friends.


Yūki (友希) - () means friend and ki () means hope.

Momone (ももね) can be written in kanji as "桃音". Momo () means peach, while ne () means sound.


  • She shares her voice actress with Rin Kurosawa from the original Aikatsu! series.


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