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Okay —period—/Stage
Okay period stage.png
Song Okay —period—
Idol Type Pop
Stage Type Fashion Show
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 3
Anime Lacrosse or Friends!


This stage takes place in a sports stadium with a shining blue sky, plants, and city surrounding it. In the background are colorful floating balloons. The stadium stands are white, gold, and green, with the non-physical audience members colored gold and orange, standing on the stands or surrounding the stage. At each corner are colorful of the stands are Colorful Shake banners. The field grass is neatly cut and striped green, covered in large colorful paint splatters, and surrounding the sage on each side are rounded flags with the brand logo, and blue and yellow arches with Colorful Shake written on them. The stage is an orange catwalk lined with colorful miniature flags. A large cyan and orange arch sits behind it with the Colorful Shake logo and colorful circle and star-shaped balloons on each side. The top of the catwalk is white with colorful writing and shapes covering it. A colorful patterned half-square sits where an Idol begins their performance.

Anime Appearances


Data Carddass Aikatsu Friends!