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Exterior view

Penguin Café (ペンギンカフェ) is a restaurant run by Aine's parents, Masamune Yūki and Nene Yūki. It has both sit-down and delivery services. The café also serves as the house of the Yūki family, with the entrance to the house off to the side. Aine helps out with errands and such.



A two story, pale yellow building with several windows with alternate, tan frames to match the detail around the side of the building, and the wooden shutters of the window and door at the entrance. One window has a red awning to match the larger, light red awning and carpet at the front of the shop. On top of the awning is the emerald and yellow sign. The roof is dull brown, and tracing the lower half of the building is lighter coloring. Several framed pages and a penguin-shaped open/close sign are on the wooden door panels surrounding the large glass door with emerald frame. Near the shop is a four-person table and a tall post with the shops name. Several plants surround the shop at all angles. 



Penguin (ペンギン) originates from the café's mascot and the family's pet, Penne.