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Pure Palette March
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Japanese Name ピュアパレットマーチ
Romanized Name Pyua Paretto Māchi
Type Multi-Typed
Brand Pure Palette
Notable Performer/s
Aine Yūki, Mio Minato

Pure Palette March (ピュアパレットマーチ) is a Pure Palette-based Friends Special Appeal.


In a pink, white, and blue themed room, each performer lands on a matching colored platform with gold detail raised at an angle. They bounce off of it and past each other while striking a pose, then land on the other one. They are thrown into the air and spiral around each other with glittering trails flowing them, then they grab each others hands to look at each other before striking a final pose together. Behind them is the unit logo, striped bows, and colorful pastel stars. 

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
16 F016169.png Aine Yūki & Mio Minato
33 AF033172.png
43 AF043166.png
53 Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 1.57.21 PM.png
68 F068182.png


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