TV Anime/Data Carddass "Aikatsu Friends!" Insert Song Single 2 - Second Color: YELLOW (TVアニメ/データカードダス『アイカツフレンズ!』挿入歌シングル 2 - Second Color: YELLOW) is the second single for the insert songs of the Aikatsu Friends! first season. The single was released on August 22, 2018.


No. Title Performer .ogg File
1 Okay —period— (おけまる) Ema from BEST FRIENDS!
2 Girls be ambitious! Maika from BEST FRIENDS!
Girls be ambitious!
3 You × I (個×個) Maika and Ema from BEST FRIENDS!
4 Okay —period— (Off Vocal)
(おけまる (Off Vocal))
おけまる (Off Vocal)
5 Girls be ambitious! (Off Vocal)
Girls be ambitious! (Off Vocal)
6 You × I (Off Vocal)
(個×個 (Off Vocal))
個×個 (Off Vocal)

Promotion Card

FCD-3 P Japanesque Roman Accessory
Fcd-3p 00
Type Category Brand
Icon sexy Accessory Logo dm

Effect Appeal Point Rarity
The successful of special appeal further
appeal point will increase a bit!
300 Rare
Cosmetic Type Cosmetic Effect
Rouge Increase in rhythm points when reaching
good, very good or perfect!
Notes TV Anime/Data Carddass "Aikatsu Friends!" Insert Song Single 2 - Second Color: YELLOW


VTEAikatsu Friends! Music
Thank You⇄
It'll Be Alright/
Believe it
Thank You⇄It'll Be AlrightBelieve itAikatsu Friends!
First Color: PINK The Scene Above 6cmIdentityOverflowing with Love
Second Color: YELLOW Okay —period—Girls be ambitious!You × I
The Thing That's Only There/Pride The Thing That's Only TherePrideLet's Find It♪
Third Color: PURPLE GuidedCoincidence, Inevitable.Bond ~Synchro Harmony~
Fourth Color: BLUE Everyone Everyone!Have a dreamLet's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together!
Aikatsu Friends! Music!! 01 Thank You⇄It'll Be AlrightPrideThe Thing That's Only ThereBelieve itLet's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together!We wish you a merry Christmas BEST FRIENDS! Ver.
I'm Not Alone!/Be star I'm Not Alone!Be star
SPECTACLE JOURNEY Vol.1 The World is SpinningAs It IsOpen Your Heart
Friends Power's Summer Championship! I'm Not Alone!Dear ALL FRIENDS! With Love!Everyone Everyone!Be star
SPECTACLE JOURNEY Vol.2 A nice "to meet you"!This World is WonderfulStrong, Kind, BeautifulTo the New Stage
Aikatsu Friends! Music!! 02 I'm Not Alone!Aikatsu Friends!Be star
Yukemuri! Hot Spring Trip I'm Not Alone!Dear ALL FRIENDS! With Love!Believe itBe star
Best Friends Disc 1 Aikatsu Friends!Thank You⇄It'll Be AlrightThe Scene Above 6cmEveryone Everyone!Believe itIdentityOverflowing with LovePrideYou × IOkay —period—Girls be ambitious!Let's Find It♪Bond ~Synchro Harmony~GuidedCoincidence, Inevitable.Have a dreamThe Thing That's Only There
Disc 2 I'm Not Alone!Open Your HeartThe World is SpinningBelieve itStrong, Kind, BeautifulA nice "to meet you"!This World is WonderfulEveryone Everyone!IdentityDear ALL FRIENDS! With Love!Be starAs It IsTo the New StageLet's A · I · K · A · T · S · U Together!Aikatsu Friends!
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