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"We'll see how this goes."

– Agurii making bad life decisions

Kanji 円亜久里ー
Romaji Madoka Agurī
Age 17
Occupation Student
Affiliation Aikatsu! Wiki
Aikatsu Stars! Wiki
Aikatsu Friends! Wiki
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Seiyū/Singer Agurii from HAS NO FRIENDS!

AguriiMadoka (円亜久里ー) is one of the admins of the Aikatsu Friends! Wiki, Aikatsu! Wiki, and Aikatsu Stars! Wiki. Agurii is a cute-type idol whose preferred brand is Sugar Melody.

Character Ranking

  1. Mirai Asuka
  2. Karen Kamishiro
  3. Aine Yuki
  4. Mio Minato
  5. Maika Chono
  6. Ema Hinata

Favorite Cards


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Love Me Tear.


  • My star sign is Leo.
  • My favorite foods are chicken, French fries, and iced coffee.
  • My hobbies are reading, writing, drawing and painting and my specialty is procrastination.
  • Despite being named after Cure Ace, my favorite Cures from Dokidoki! Precure are actually Cure Diamond and Cure Rosetta.