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"Time to fluke my Biology test"

– A common proverb

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Age 16
Birthday November 13
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Part Time Admin
Affiliation Aikatsu! Wiki
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Blood Type Do I Need A Test For This?
First Appearance
Data Carddass Game Part 1
Anime Hello Friends! (Hello Aine)
Seiyū/Singer Me, Myself and I

Hi everyone, I'm an admin for the wiki and everyone can just call me Music for short. I like to think that I'm pretty nice and when I may seem quiet on the wiki but in reality, I am. Though I'm usually watching but as of late, I've gotten busier due to entering my senior years of high school but I try to help and update the wiki whenever I can.

Favourite Characters

Mirai userbox.png This user is a fan of Mirai Asuka.

Ema userbox 2.png This user is a fan of Ema Hinata.

Maika userbox 2.png This user is a fan of Maika Chōno.

Favourite Brands

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Sugar Melody.

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Material Color.

Favourite Songs


  • Always either reading manga/webtoons, watching some kind of show or procrastinating my studies
  • Thinks The Greatest Showman has one of the best OST ever.
  • Still plays Bedwars on Minecraft.
  • Favourite K-Pop groups are GFriend, EXO, Twice and BTS. Feel free to drop by with any of your favourite groups too though because I still love other groups :)
  • Drinks too much milk tea on a regular basis.
  • THE BIGGEST NANASE X RIE FAN (pls date already :))

Favourite Image from Each Episode